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A real Eindhoven book.

For years I am busy looking up for my Roots. From that it proves to be, that many family members are bron in the Heilige Geeststraat in Eindhoven (NL), have lived and still are living there. " After the dying of my mother, with 74 years the longest living in the street, I decided to compose a book to rember her concerning her life together with and for friends. During the presentation of this special book (in 2000) I was asked (as a joke), which book would be the following to appear. My answer had been found fast: Concerning "Ons Straotje (our street)", because it has a history of 770 years old. I also meet regularly to people who have left our street for a long time ago. But each time they are in the centre of Eindhoven, they want walk just by "Ons Stroatje".

The book contains among other things

During the research for this book it appeared, that teh Heilige Geeststraat is a very particular street, including a rich historiy and a meaningful culture. There happened all kind of things in this street concerning agriculture, house construction, old-fashioned companies and human contacts.

What started with a joke in 2000, has now generated to a richly illustrated book, published in our own management. Part two is in preparation and maybe in the future there will be a part three. Because until now nobody concretely can tell, why in former days our place of residence was called "Ons Stroatje" and not the the real name: Heilige Geeststraat.

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